Cyber-attacks are on the rise.

In fact, it was reported that with Covid 19 pandemics, activities has increased more 6000%*. It attacks homes, companies and governments network alike.

Maritime industries are no exception. It has suffered numerous cyber-attacks to critical infrastructures disabling ports activities and ships operations. In fact, an attack on Maersk suffered is still fresh in our memory, crippling their operations and causing millions of dollars in damage. Governments finally moved to ensure that maritime critical infrastructure, including ships and ports to take specific cyber resilience action to protect their IT infrastructures and data.

IMO has passed a resolution (guideline) MSC-FAL.1/Circ .3 to ensure all maritime infrastructures to take appropriate actions against cyber threats and  Annex 10 of IMO Resolution MSC.428As mandates all ships and critical infrastructure to adhere MSC-FAL.1/Circ .3 by January 2021. Flag Administrations are responsible  but Classes Offices are taking direct actions and finalizing approach how to regulate and monitor the compliance efforts.

Taking an appropriate action requires specialist knowledge, technique and experience in complying with such regulations.
Therefore, group of specialists has formed Maritime Cyber Security Ltd, to help customers complying with the regulations and support customers to protect its IT landscape from cyber threats.