Third phase is “Detect”phase .
After building secure cyber landscape, you are required to monitor your cyber activities. This is to know if and when attacks are taking place as soon as possible. Most ships would not have internal resource to monitor its cyber activities adequately.

Naturally the best way is to monitor continuously on 24/7 bases, but most cases, it is too difficult to allocate your human resourse to maintain such vigrous montorning scheme. Therefore MCS offer not only continuous (24/7) monitoring, but also periodic monitorning where cyber activitiy logs and anomalis alerts are sent on regular intervals and analyzed by our experts. This way, cyber incident can be detected and responded with minimal of damages.

Above three phases are the “Normal”cyber security cycle where these phases will be repeated to build higher level of resiliency in your cyber security landscape. MSC recommneds that customers to take maintenance service package so that this process is repeated and your cyber security is matured as it is mandated in the resolutions.