The first phase is “Identify”phase.
Before the work starts, you need to assess where you are, what kind of cyber risks and vulnerabilities you are facing.

MCS has several assessments tools to do this, depending on the size and complexity of your IT Technologies (IT) and dependencies to Operational Technologies (OT) on board your vessel, we will find the perfect match fit for your needs.

Rest assured, all of our tools we use are in-house developed and are all based on international standards such as ISO27001, NIST Framework, Cyber Assessment Framework etc.

This first phase is to identify where you are, what are the vulnerabilities are, how much risk there is and how much risks you are willing to accept. We use Cyber Security Assessments to identify these facts. MCS offer several assessment packages catering your needs and depending on complexity of your network.

For a simple network, limited IT landscape and minimal dependency to critical Operational Technology, we will offer a basic questionnaire to collect your current cyber security landscape and we determine what needs to be done based on the outcome. MSC has developed an assessment tool “BICS” based on Cyber Assessment Framework by NCSC (National Cyber Security Centre in UK.

For medium sized vessels with moderate IT/OT, we recommend assessment based on CSOBS (Cyber Security Onboard Ships by consortium of maritime associations such as BIMCO). CSOBS (Annex 2) is a widely accepted guideline based on ISO27001 or NIST Framework. It is designed especially for vessels extracting the essence of such. This is a perfect assessment for those who needs to pass SMS audit.

For larger vessels with complex IT landscape and higher dependencies on Operational Technologies, we can apply Full assessment using more complex standards such as ISO27001 or NIST Framework. It will take more effort and time to assess, but far more detailed cyber security posture will be revealed.

Don’t worry if you are in between…. MCS can offer more levels of assessments between Simple and Full assessment, so that it will be just fit for your vessels and ships.