During this phase, we may opt for testing current status by having mock hacking or Simulated Hacking executed by our own Red Team. This simulation is an effective tool and may expose any vulnerability we failed to notice during assessments.

We will work together to build protection around your vessel, including mandatory cyber security clause added in your SMS documents. This phase could be a lengthy process, but our experiences and knowledge will guarantee least amount of time spent on this phase.

Most cyber-attacks exploit human vulnerabilities to gain access to your network, commonly know as Social Engineering. Some example of Social Engineering you may have heard are Physhing or Garbage Diving. The best protection against such social engineering attacks are through raising awareness in users. Users becoming aware of common patterns and methods that attackers use for obtaining usernames and passwords. Identifying this activity can prevent cyber-attacks before happening. During this phase, MCS will engage in user education sessions to elevate the user awareness.